How to save money for travel




To travel is the most expensive hobby you can have and sometimes it’s hard to travel as much as you want to.


But honestly - You don’t have to be rich to see the world!

That’s something I learned years ago.


Here are a few tips on how you can save money for travel!

save money for Your trips


A lot of my friends and family are constantly asking me how I afford to travel the world all the time.


So I wanted to share my personal tips to save money for traveling as much as possible.


I learned how to save a lot, spend less on things I don' really need and how get some extra cash.

If you want to travel, you sometimes have to sacrifice things.


-    But it’s so worth in the end!    -


1. Track your Money


Sometimes it’s hard to manage your money and for me it’s sometimes even stressful to check my bank account.


The best way to save money for travel is to go through all your accounts and check all your finances.

 After that, make a plan of everything you spend every month – and try to find things, you don’t really need. How often are you going to the movies or to a restaurant? What about alcohol or coffee? Try to avoid those little costs and save everything in a little money box!


You're spending those 3 Euros or Dollars every morning for your cappuccino? Then just don't and add it to your savings :) It's 90 a month!


What about your monthly bills for your car, insurance, make-up, call phone or loans as well as for clothes?

I was shocked how much I was spending on little things, I didn’t really need.


You can use the following money saving apps &  P.S: Here is a good article about a lot of other options.



Mint is a free and easy app to manage your money in one app. It's a perfect money manager & financial tracker app for all your accounts.

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Get the App for your Android


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Get the App for your Android

2. Stop buying things you don’t need


Do you really need those new shoes? Do you need the Starbucks coffee or expensive dinner and lunchbreaks?


Sure it’s hard because we all want to buy new stuff and to go out with friends. But when it’s about travel – and let’s assume it’s the one thing you love more than anything – you can life without those small or luxurious things. You can use and track all your spendings with your apps and use the right mindset!


It’s sounds so simple and it’s the best way to save some money: You should ask yourself from time to time: "Do you really need this"?

Sometimes it’s the best to wait for Cyber Monday or a sale to buy things you really want :)


3. Save Accommodation Costs

There are a lot of possibility’s to lower the costs of your accommodation at home & while travelling.
          1. Rent an apartment or share a room
          2. Rent your own apartment at home
          3. Move into your parents’ home for some month to minimize your own costs

4. Sell Things You Don’t need



We all own stuff we don’t really need.


If it's old clothes or electric stuff we don’t use – try to sell everything you don’t use with Amazon, Ebay or Craigslist.



5. Save your coins


Get a little money bank and put all the little coins from your purse.

You can do it every evening or every week and it’s a good way to safe a little bit every day.


Sometimes I safe around 100 Euros a month!


6. Save money every day for your travels


There are plenty ways to save something. Always try to cook at home, to take your coffee with you in the morning or to take the bike instead of the car.


Here are some quick ideas on how to save travel money:



          1. Limit your entertainment - Invite friends instead of going out


          2. Cook at Home


          3. Compare prices online before buying


          4. Minimize your contracts


          5. Quit your TV- and Gym-Membership


          6. Stop buying the newest Trends


          7. Save Electricity


          8. Automatic transfer to savings

7. Saving Money isn’t easy!


Always try to live below your means and be minimalistic.


If you really want to travel as much as possible, try to get your priorities straight and ignore all those marketing slogans!


You don't need the fancy bag or the new smartphone - all you really need is to book the next flight to explore this beautiful world!



Tips on how to safe money while booking your trip


        1. Prebook your flight and your airport parking space


         2. Get the newsletter of the big airlines


         3. Compare rental cars


         4. Use sites like to compare Hotels


         5. Avoid high seasons and always be spontaneous!



How do you safe ways to safe money? I would love to here your personal tips in the comments!


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