Sevilla Travel Tips - Top 10 Things To Do In Sevilla

Your Seville City Guide for a perfect Weekend: What to do, see & eat


I’ve mapped the “must-dos” to experience Sevilla, a wonderful city.


While in beautiful Sevilla, Andalucía there are so many possibilities how to feel the vibe and spirit of the exciting spanish city. Explore the beautiful parks, walk by the river, enjoy some delicious tapas&vino and get to know the history.

A guide to what to do when in Sevilla, including the city's best restaurants and sightseeing places.


Sevilla is a vibrant city, full of architectural designs, flamenco dancing and with a perfect weather.

The conditions and the hot temperatures making Sevilla a perfect city to explore the whole year.


The 10 Top Spots in Sevilla


1. El Alcazar Real:


The Alcazar complex is a royal palace designed with Sevilla’s past culture and wonderful decorations, lovely gardens, patios and designs. It was built in the 11th century and still hosts Spanish Royals, when they’re in Sevilla.

The whole place and the gardens are my must favorite place in Sevilla.


There is so much to explore and to see. It is widely known as the place where they filmed the kingdoms of Dorne and Meereen in Game of Thrones. You should buy a buy tickets in advance and skip the queue.


2. Plaza de España:


The Plaza de España is definitely a must-see, but often very crowded. Designed by the architect Anibal Gonzalez in 1914, it was built for the world’s fair to show Spain’s important role in history. The architecture uses local materials and is full of ceramic tile work and surrounding parks. Just stroll around, make a tour if you want and you can make a lovely horseride through the parks, if it’s too hot outside.


3. Parque de María Luisa


The Parque de María Luisa is next to the Plaze de España. Rent a bike or make a horseride through the park and explore Sevilla’s primary public park. It’s situated next to the Guadalquivir River, near to the city centre. There is a lot to explore, there a lot of birds, swans and ducks as well as picturesque fountains and lovely spots.


4. Plaza de America


The Plaza de América ist near to the Parque de María Luisa and a perfect spot for some photos. There are a lot of flowers and roses as well as three buildings in different architectural design.


5. Cathedral de Sevilla


    The construction of the Cathedral of Seville began in 1401. This magnificient gothic church is one of the largest Christian churches in the     world. The opening hours are from 11:00 – 15:30, from 11:00 – 17:00 on saturdays and from 14:30 – 18:00 on Sundays. The cost is 9€ and 4€ for students and pensioner.


Also, it’s home to the tomb of Christopher Columbus. And those who buy a ticket online can nip to the front.


6. El Metrosol Parasol


The wonderful wooden structure called El Metrosol Parasol is located at La Encarnicion square and is the largest wooden structure in the world.  When you go up there in the late afternoon or if you want to see the sunset, it’s not that crowded. There you can make some breathtaking pictures of Sevilla. The structure features six gigantic umbrella-shaped structures.


7. Flamenco:


The flamenco of Sevilla is emotional and one of a kind. It's all about great music, rhythm and the beat. There are al lot of performances and shows just for tourists, that are lovely. Popular is La Casa de Memoria.


8. Walk the River Guadalquivir:


When in Sevilla, you need to walk along the river! You can get some drinks and snacks, take a break and have a seat on the riverside. Walk along the Torre de Oro and make some picturesque pictures or make a river cruise.


9. Barrio Santa Cruz:


Lovely cafes, delicious tapas and tinto verano is what you get in the unique and old part of Sevilla. Walk through the narrow, shaded streets, decide for one of the lovely shops or bakeries and enjoy the vibe of Sevilla.


10. Alfalfa:

A beautiful neighborhood near Barrio Santa Cruz which is full of clubs, restaurant and bars where you can get easily in contact with locals.



 Of course there a lot of other things to do in Sevilla.

There a lot of theaters and museums you can explore as well as festivals and green parks.

You can read as many travel tips as you want – the best tip I can give you, is to explore the city on your own.

It’s not as big as you think, so you can surely walk all the lovely places.


Where to eat

The average cost of food is really cheap.

You get some delicious wine & tapas on a lot of small restaurants and cafés.

If you want to have lunch or dinner you will have to pay between 15 and 20€.


I can totally recommend the following restaurants in Sevilla:

La Brunilda Tapas

In the heart of Seville, in one of those narrow streets with an old flavor is La Brunilda Tapas.


 A cozy place with high ceilings and special meals. The dishes are spectacular and the combination of flavors are unforgettable.


 La Brunilda 

CGalera 5,

41001 Sevilla

El Rinconcillo

El Rinconcillo was founded in 1670. Get a tiny white plate of tapas, a good glass of wine and enjoy the great vibe.


Enjoy traditional tapas served with character and flair.



El RInconcillo,

Calle Gerona, 40,

41003 Sevilla

Espacio Eslava

Espacio Eslava is full of the traditional tilework and and a menu of creative contemporary dishes.


It’s well known for memorable dishes, so you should expect some crowds and a vibrant atmosphere.


Espacio Eslava

Calle Eslava, 3,

41002 Sevilla

Dos de Mayo

Bodegas Dos de Mayo was a tavern since the early 20th century and is now one of the most renowned tapas spots.


Enjoy traditional tapas served with character and flair.



Bodega Dos de Mayo,

Plaza de la Gavidia, 6,

41002 Seville


Plaza de Espana

Av de Isabel la Católica,
41004 Sevilla

Placa de América

41013, Plaza América, 3,

41013 Sevilla

El Alcázar Real

Patio de Banderas,
41004 Sevilla, Spanien


A complete travel guide to Sevilla with tips and advice on the best restaurants, views, Real Alcázar, the Plaza de España and sightseeing spots as well as the best Instagram Spots and Places. Get wanderlust and inspiration with my personal tips for Sevill

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  • #1

    Savana (Sonntag, 22 Oktober 2017 23:27)

    I am in love with your blog. This is so detailed and useful. I will definately add this to my bucketlist I am in love with how you structured the whole post.

  • #2

    Flavio @ Adventurous Travels (Montag, 23 Oktober 2017 21:01)

    I visited Sevilla last winter - it was a perfect winter destination as it was so much warmer than in the rest of Europe. I loved the little towns around - like Ronda for example. Great photos!

  • #3

    Hang Around The World (Montag, 23 Oktober 2017 21:44)

    We have wrote a travel guide about Sevilla few weeks ago and there are so many things to do and to see that it's hard to choose only 10 things hahaha
    How many memories!!

  • #4

    James (Montag, 23 Oktober 2017 22:33)

    I have been to Sevilla many times but haven't yet been to the Plaza de Espana! I agree with all the locations you recommend visiting, I didn't know Alcazars Palace featured in Game of Thrones although I did visit. The restaurants you recommend all sounds delicious.

  • #5

    Scarlett (Dienstag, 24 Oktober 2017 20:31)

    So much great info for when I visit Seville! All those restaurants look fabulous :) will definitely be trying them. Thanks for all the recommendations!

  • #6

    Pete (Dienstag, 24 Oktober 2017 22:32)

    I think I've got a day trip to Seville coming up. Must look into some of these places. I especially like the idea of skipping the queue. Good to see you doing the research and taking the pictures and scoffing the tucker on behalf of your readers.

  • #7

    Taylor (Mittwoch, 25 Oktober 2017 19:06)

    Loved this post! The pictures are so beautiful and appreciate you sharing the best places to visit!

  • #8

    Somnath (Freitag, 27 Oktober 2017 08:42)

    Love the way you have used the photos in context with your writing skills and expertise..

  • #9

    Tom @ Abroad American (Freitag, 27 Oktober 2017 21:49)

    I've been to Sevilla once and I've really been meaning to get back to this awesome city! As I read, one thing REALLY stood out to me. El Rinconcillo. There's been a restaurant there since 1670?! holy. shit. I'm dying for some good cheap tapas and wine so it looks like I'll have to start there! I mean, I love the city and it has some amazing history and sights, but I'm all about the food in Spain, especially Sevilla!

  • #10

    Adrenaline Romance (Samstag, 28 Oktober 2017 09:57)

    It's a beautiful city. I love how the way the local government preserved the charm---fountains, gardens, architecture, etc. Sevilla is now in our must-visit list.

  • #11

    Brooke (Montag, 30 Oktober 2017 06:03)

    Such a beautiful city- I have been living in Spain over a year though and haven't been to Seville yet. So many places to go to I keep postponing it but I'll finally get to go over Christmas whoo hoo!

  • #12

    Sandy N Vyjay (Montag, 30 Oktober 2017 07:20)

    Sevilla has a regal look and looks so beautiful. The rich heritage and culture of the place shine through in your post. The Alcazar complex looks magnificent and the Flamenco must indeed be the most energetic and passionate of dances.

  • #13

    Lena from fouronaworldtrip (Montag, 30 Oktober 2017 16:08)

    We have been several times to Algarve Coast and every time we thought about visiting Sevilla! It never worked out and I have big regrets after reading your post it's definitely on the must see list for next time

  • #14

    Chiera (Mittwoch, 01 November 2017 18:45)

    Great post with some really great tips! I've never been to Sevilla before but I would love to visit! Love the layout of your blog btw. Absolutely beautiful :)