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May we introduce ourselves?


We are Lena & Philipp, two German travelers who explore the world together.


Lena is 26 and a cultural student from Germany. Her passion is to travel the world, to take roadtrips with no intention of a final destination and to share beautiful destinations & travel stories.

I love the feeling of pure freedom, the wind in my hair, my camera & my partner Philipp right beside me.
He is responsible for all the beautiful travel content from all over the world.


Philipp is 27 and a tourism student from Germany who shares the passion to explore new places and new cultures. He's the photographer behind Inspiration De La Vie  and he's also responsible for blog content and cooperations.


Together we've only seen 25% of the world - what's crazy because we spend all our hard worked money on flights and cheap hotels. So let's take you with us & we will show you the world from our perspective.



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