Instagram Shadowban 2019 - What to do and how to avoid it!

I‘m shadowbanned - and I‘m not the only one!

I got so many messages, questions and help the last days and I wanted to let you know everything I found out about the mysterious Shadow Ban everybody talks about.

What is a Instagram ShadowBan?

If your account is shadow banned, your content is fully or partially blocked from the online community.

You can’t be seen under your used hashtags, locations, tags etc.


Unfortunately, this Shadowban lasts exactly two weeks.


It's possible that you've even lost pictures and that you can't find them anywhere.

Did your pictures disappear after you had to confirm your mobile number on Instagram? These come back after exactly 48h!

What to do when you’re shadowbanned:

For me, everything started with Instagram asking me to confirm my phone number - what I did. I mean it’s Instagram right?


Seconds later I got a strange text message with cryptic symbols and a mail, that someone tried to get into my account.

I immediately changed my password on the desktop version and everything seemed normal again.


But soon I realized that more than 60 pictures disappeared from my account.

My hashtags didn’t work and I had no idea what to do.

It seemed like someone tried to hack my account and Instagram banned me on top of that!

And Instagram is not a help at all. I reported my problems several times, but they never heard about “customer service”.


So I goggled, wrote with a lot of others who had a shadow banned last year and I found out what to do when you're shadow banned:


Your pictures will come back after 48 hours, the shadowban lasts for 14 days.


  1. Delete old hashtags from your posted pictures, when you’re already shadowbanned!
  2. Take a break for 24-48hours.
  3. Simply log out and do nothing.
  4. Report to Instagram - maybe they will answer?
  5. Delete third party apps to keep track of followers, plan your feed or anything else. Someone could hack those apps and get your data!
  6. You can switch back to a personal account and the delete the Facebook connection.
  7. Start slowly posting and interacting again.
  8. One thing I haven’t tried: You can use Instagram Ads to gain new reach and to show them, that you’re a normal account.

Shadow Ban Test 2019 – Am I Shadowbanned?

Simply use Triberr to check if you're shadowbanned.

How To Avoid a Instagram Shadowban?

  1. Turn on two-factor authentication for your Instagram account
  2. Delete all third party apps like planoly, followers etc. A lot of girls used those kind of apps!
  3. Don’t use more than 30 hashtags and always use new ones. Before posting - always check if they’re banned or broken.
  4. Don’t act like a bot and don’t comment/like too fast on other pictures. Try to answer and like comments under your own pictures really slowly and make pauses!
  5. Don’t do the follow/unfollow game!

Those are the importing things:

You shouldn’t like more than 150 pics per hour, don’t comment on more than 60 pictures and don’t follow/unfollow more than 60 per hour!

The last few days, it was all about the secret Instagram Shadowban and the questions: what do to, how to avoid it and how do I get rid of it? But what is the Shadowban, is there a test or check and most of all - how can I get rid of it? On my blog you wil

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